Dental Nursing: a new opportunity for you?

  • April - 02 - 2022

Dental Nursing: a new opportunity for you?

When you visit the dentist do you ever wonder about how the practice is organised and the different roles within it? Apart from the dentist you will usually have contact with the receptionist and also a dental nurse.  Have you ever considered what it would be like to work in a dental practice as a dental nurse? In this article, we examine the important and varied work of the dental nurse and look at the way in which you can enter an immensely satisfying and respected profession.

Become a qualified Dental Nurse

Dental Nurses are in very high demand in the UK and they perform a vital role in all successful dental practices. Some of their work is behind the scenes’ such as preparing dental implements and maintaining sterile conditions in clinical areas. Other work is more patient-facing as in assisting the dentist in the provision of dental treatment, the application of first-aid when necessary and in the establishment and explanation of dental care plans. Entry into a career in Dental Nursing is achieved by completing the National Diploma in Dental Nursing while gaining practical experience as a trainee in a dental practice. The Diploma can be gained by a year to eighteen months’ part-time study at   the officially accredited School of Dental Nursing- combined with paid work experience. The theory part of the training can be completed either online or by attending a traditional face-to-face class normally held one day a fortnight. In either case The School of Dental Nursing will provide you with expert tuition delivered by experienced dental professionals, a full range of learning resources and help in finding paid employment in a dental practice.

Why should you consider studying for this qualification?

Dentistry is a growing field. Apart from the provision of specific dental treatments there is an increasing   recognition of the importance of dental health to physical and mental wellbeing. There is also an expanding volume of cosmetic work. Dental nursing thus provides a secure, varied and rewarding career and once you have gained your National Diploma a range of additional opportunities will be open to you. These include various specialisms such as working with dental implants or taking on senior administrative or managerial responsibilities.


A dental nursing course leading to the nationally recognised Diploma in Dental Nursing is a great way to enter the field of dentistry. It can develop your skills, provide valuable training, help you find a career or give you a better job. If this appeals to you, please contact the School of Dental Nursing or visit our website. We will explain the enrolment process-there are no specific entry requirements-and help you find employment as a paid trainee in a dental practice.